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I’m going to be brutally honest in my empower network review here and I don’t want to convince anyone of anything either way.

I’ll be writing some of the problems with the empower network and some of its strong points too. If you’re reading this with an impartial mind, then look at the pros and cons and then decide if its something you want to pursue.

From the outset, I should point out that I am a member of the empower network and have been putting it through its paces for about 6 weeks*. If you want to read the complete breakdown and how it works, read the empower network system here.

If you have any questions about this empower network review or about anything else, contact me using the instant chat box at the bottom of this window (if I am online) or via skype / email (details in the sidebar).

You’re probably assuming right now that I will be writing a positive empower network review in the hope to gain some commissions from you. This is not what this review is about.
But being a member, it does allows me to point out some of the flaws within the empower network as well as some of its good points.

The empower network is all about showing somebody a particular video on the net which is supposed to do all the selling and convincing for you. It will then go on to make the sale and collect the money and send it direct to you.
Your responsibility would be to simply invite people to watch that video or drive traffic to that video.

Before I joined the empower network, somebody told me that this video was converting at a massive 80%. I didn’t know anything about the video or its contents or anything about the business but just the figure of 80% made me curious because that’s outrageous.

This means that if I were to send 10 people to watch that video, 8 of those people would end up sending me money. Hell, if that’s the case, I could just make one big ad on eBay and get hundreds of people to watch that video.
So this figure made me curious. I knew that 80% was too high for anything so I figured that even if it was half that, it would still be worth it because the norm is about 2%.

So I watched the video and started asking questions about the whole empower network system. I did all the research I could and checked online for empower network reviews but all I found were people trying to make me join under them.

I took a few days out to really grill the person that told me about this 80% figure. He satisfied all my questions and so I decided to pay the starting amount and get started. After all, if it didn’t work out, the worst case scenario would be a small loss, which to me, was worth the risk.

I was told by my sponsor that I had a choice. I could sign up for either $25 or $125. If I signed up for $125, then if someone under me also signs up at that same level, I’d get the full $125 from him, otherwise I’d only continue to receive $25 from all sign-ups. So I took his advice and signed up for $125.

Anyhow, I started promoting in a very specific way and I quickly realized that the 80% figure was greatly exaggerated. In fact, I heard someone else say that the conversion rate was 25%. I even found that to be untrue according to my own statistics.

My own stats revealed that the conversion rate was more like 10% and even that was only if the system was promoted in a certain way.

But despite this lower conversion, I made my first sale the very same day I started my promotion. And guess what; that person signed up at the $125 level and all of that came to me so I broke even immediately.

I was quite happy at that point because it meant that I could do anything I wanted from that point on and I wouldn’t have wasted any money now that I had my money come back to me.

So although the conversion figure I was quoted was a disappointment, the selling of the product was quite easy and this compensated for the lower conversion rate (in my mind).

The first sale gave me a lot of confidence in the network and so I began thinking of other ways I could promote the empower network.

The official site asks you to blog daily so you can create traffic and make sales. I already knew that this was not as simple as they made it sound and that is why I used my own methods to promote my video link.

My methods worked when I started and they are still working for me today.

•    By the end of the first week, I made $600.
•    By the end of the first month, I made around $2000.

Now the money is coming in pretty much daily.

So that’s the good part. I’m making money from this system even though I spent the last 4 years scraping the barrel.

I also believe that its possible for anyone to make money with this system if they follow the right instructions. Sadly, a lot of what is propagated is not the best way to make money with this system.

There was a time roughly 3 weeks after I started where the whole server went down for a week. During that time, no one was able to make any money and many people who joined during that time or just before that time, gave up because of the frustrations.

I was frustrated too because I was making a good deal of money every day and then suddenly I couldn’t sign anyone up. At the same time, those that I signed up just before that time couldn’t do anything their first week either and so they left.

The positive thing to come out of that was, when the server came back up, it came back re-enforced and stronger than before. They assure their members that it now has the capacity to deal with hundreds of thousands of members (which they didn’t anticipate before).

So when the server came back up, I resumed my marketing method and started making money again (daily).

On my Internet travels, I hear from some people about how they did this and that and yet never got a sale.

I don’t blame these people because the Empower Network doesn’t really teach you the nitty gritty stuff you need to know to make money. They simply ask that you blog every day and they claim that you’ll make sales. That will work but its a very slow method and there’s a bit more you need to do before you start making money.

So you’ll find some people entering the empower network under the impression that they just have to blog daily and they’ll start making all this money. This is not true at all.

Having said that, there are things you can do to make that regular income much quicker.

Another problem I found is, many people claim that their sponsors are deadbeats who don’t teach them anything.

If you sponsor doesn’t teach you the best ways to sell the product, then he’s not doing his job.

Sponsors Writing Empower Network Reviews

I get people coming to me all the time wishing that they didn’t sign up under their present sponsor because they’re not progressing anywhere. They acted on the spur after reading an empower network review on the net and signing up with that person.

Some go as far as to leave their non-communicating present sponsor (wasting $25) and then signing up under me because of the decent training I offer and the methods I use to make money fast.

So before you sign up for the empower network, do read some empower network reviews online but look for someone who can give you what you need. Don’t just sign up with someone who gives you a ton of bonuses because irrelevant bonuses mean little when the main aim here is to make money.

Furthermore, make sure your sponsor is accessible. If you can’t get hold of them or they don’t reply to your questions, then you may have signed up with a deadbeat sponsor. Try and keep in touch with them through Skype so you can talk with them in real time.
Make sure they have enough time for you and they don’t just limit their time with you to just 2 hours. That’s a cop-out in my opinion.

So you can see how important it is to pick a good sponsor. Make sure that’s something you take your time with before jumping in to the empower network.

If and when you decide to sign up with the empower network, then I’d recommend signing up to the $125 (initial $25 + $100 upgrade) level as that will help you a lot more, a lot faster. If you can’t afford that at this stage, you can always upgrade later.

If you’re wondering how and where the money comes from, read my post on the empower network compensation plan.

I hope this empower network review has opened your eyes a bit before you make any hurried decisions.

* at the time of this writing.

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