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Empower Money Within Your Network

You can talk with me right now on Skype (if I am currently online). My username is: webkept.

Ever since I’ve been making money online (just over 10 years), I’ve never come across a system such as the one explained below.

The system came into existence since the beginning of November 2011 and is called the Empower Network.

I’ve seen and read thousands of systems before this one but none grabbed me the way this one did.


Because it can make an absolute newbie (who knows nothing about Internet or marketing) start making money from this evening. Yes, I mean by 11:30 pm tonight – practically guaranteed.
Furthermore, there is nothing to learn and nothing much to do. It’s all taken care of.

It’s hard for someone to imagine starting a system and then making a few hundred within the first few days. It just doesn’t happen on a normal system or a normal day. If you can relate to this, you’re in for a surprise as I show you how.

However, it does require you to have a Paypal account (or US merchant account) to receive the money (income), and you need $25 to invest at the beginning.

Some newbies who started using the system made $4-5000 in their first 10 days, while some made over $10k.

Personally, I made about $600 in my first week and I haven’t looked back since.
Does this seem too far fetched? Once you see and understand how it works, you won’t think so.

To help you earn $12,500 per month (every month), I’m going to personally help you reach that point very quickly and to start I’d expect you to make a few hundred dollars during your first week at the very least. In other words, this would be a type of partnership where I would help you reach that point. My skype and email details are on the sidebar for any help before you start with this system and all help afterwards.

The Empower Network system is the only system I know which has the payment structure it has. It benefits you in a way most other systems don’t. It does resemble an affiliate system but it’s far better. Normal affiliate systems pay you for a sale and that’s the end of it.

With this system, not only do you get paid immediately, you get paid every month thereafter creating a residual income for life. But the best part is, you don’t just get paid for your own efforts, you get paid for the efforts of others too! Can you imagine that? You are being paid for what someone else is doing.

In summary:
a. Get Paid Every Month – (will increase every month – forever)
b. Get Paid For Somebody Else’s Effort and Work

At this point, it may sound like something which is hard to do, right? If you are going to be paid every month, surely it must be a lot of work!

Wrong! In fact, it’s so easy, it’s hard not to make your initial investment ($25) back the same day. As you know, I made $600 in my first week. This means, that I will get that $600 and more in the following month and that will only continue to increase. I also made my initial investment back the very same day I started the system.

You may be wondering about it being similar to a normal affiliate system. This means you need to convince, lie and sell etc… in order to get commissions, right?
No! With this system, you don’t need to convince or sell because its all done for you. The entire sales process is done for you. Heck, even the product is supplied and sent for you, meaning you don’t need to spend an age developing a product. Furthermore, all the technical stuff is also done for you.

In case, you don’t believe what you’ve just read, I’m going to summarize it here:
• The convincing is done for you
• The selling is done for you
• The sales process is taken care of
• The product is created for you
• The product is sent for you
• The technical know-how is taken care of
• Yet, the money comes directly from the customer into your PayPal account

In which business (other than this one) does someone else create a product for you and sends it out to your customers and yet lets you keep 100% of the money without even so much as handling it?

All you need to do is “type“! Yep, you read that correctly. If you can type a little now and then, you can make money with this system.

There is a video on the net talking about the empower network and what it is, and how you can make money from it. It does a good job of explaining the system and many people who watch the video, join the empower network at the end of it. It does such a good job of selling the system, around 10 out of every 100 people signup to extract profits from the system.

Remember when I said that the convincing and the selling and the sales process is done for you? This is it. This the video that does all of that and then passes 100% of the money directly to your paypal account.

Your job would be to send as many people as you can to that video and leave the rest for the video to do. The video handles it all and converts those visitors into customers.

After you join the network by paying your own $25, you will receive a product. The product is ‘a blog’ along with hosting. You can use this blog to do whatever you like. You can blog daily if you like to attract people to whatever else you feel like selling.

But you also get something far more valuable than a blog. You get resell rights to sell memberships of the empower network, to others. This means, you can now grab your link to the video (inside the members area) and use that to draw people to the video. As a member of the network, you are now eligible to send people to that video and make money from other people signing up. In other words, you are marketing like a normal affiliate with your link, but you get 100% of the money and it comes to you every single month from that point on. Furthermore, there are hidden systems within this system that make you more money than what seems apparent. More on that below.

If you are thinking along the lines of “I don’t know how to promote or market my link because I am not a marketer,” then it may come as a surprise to know that most people who join the network are not marketers. Yet, many “newbies” have made a killing in their first week despite not knowing anything about Internet Marketing. Remember when I said, “If you can type, you can make money?” Well, this is what I meant. There are literally hundreds of ways to show your video link to others on the net and my job would be to show you how it’s done once you become part of the network. It’s very easy and should make you money from the very first day (within a few hours).

If you feel more comfortable doing it offline by telling friends, family, colleagues, using flyers etc… then you can do that too. You are not limited to any one particular way. The bottom line is to get people to watch that video. The video will take care of the rest. Heck, placing a simple ad on ebay will create hundreds of visitors alone. Like I said, there are tons of ways and places to place your link and I will help you with that.

Ok, so now you understand that the core of this system requires you to sign people up to the network. Each person you signup receives a blog and becomes eligible for signing other people up to the network. Each person you sign-up, sends $25 to your paypal account immediately upon signup. But if you think that’s all there is to it, you’re in for a surprise.

Let’s say you send Kevin to the video and he joins the empower network. The $25 he pays comes directly to you. You are now seen as Kevin’s sponsor and he is your downline. He receives his blog and he also receives his resell rights to sell memberships to the network. So now Kevin is pumped and starts placing his video link in various places across the net. Kevin now starts to sign-up others under him.

Here comes the interesting part. The 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th person after that, that Kevin signs-up under him, the money they pay comes to you for being Kevin’s sponsor. Everything else goes to Kevin. So by you being Kevin’s sponsor, you are also benefiting from his efforts and work. Isn’t that great? But that’s not all either, It gets much better as you’re about to see.

Before I continue, looking at the above description, the words, “MLM”, “Network Marketing”, “Pyramid Scheme” or “Ponzi Scheme” may come to mind just by the initial impression of how it works. This reaction is natural judging by the fact that you get paid by people who are in your downline.

The good news is, the empower network system is none of the above. It shares its similarity with the fact that you are paid from different levels but that’s as far as it goes. It’s a totally different system and there is no one-person at the top who is getting rich from the poor souls who just started.

This is completely different in the way that even a new person who joins the network can make more money than the first person who joined the network. Even the founder of this system uses the exact same method as you and I to extract profits from the system he created. “Equal Opportunities” takes on a new meaning. If you don’t believe that this is different, read this post to see how the empower network differs from all of the above.

Furthermore, there’s no such thing as saturation or the “bottom falling out” with this system. The way its designed and the product which is given to new-signups, ensures that this will continue to bring in profits for as long as there are people on the planet.

When you sign up, you have the choice of joining for $25 (as I mentioned above) or you can join for $125.
Here are the benefits and cons…
▪ If you sign up for $25, you will get $25 for the people who sign up under you (as your downline).
▪ If you sign up for $125, you will get $125 for people who sign up under you and pay the same amount.
▪ If you sign up for $25, and the person under you signs up for $125, you will get $25 and the $100 will be sent to your sponsor.

When I started, I decided to sign up for $125 because I wanted to make more money & quicker. On the very same day, I made a blog post and somebody signed up under me. He also paid $125 and therefore, I covered my investment back the same day.

Statistically, half the people that sign up, upgrade to the $125 level (extra $100, known as the “Inner Circle”).

You don’t have to sign up at the $125 level but it’s highly recommended in order to get you making more money, faster. If you wish, you can upgrade at a later time.

If you place your ads/posts strategically on the web (where I recommend), you should sign up at least one person every day. This means you will sign up 100 people within 100 days. When you have a team of 100 people under you, we are looking at an average of around $12,500 per month, every month, which only increases from that point on.

To make a recurring income every month with the empower network, you need to pay your $25 (or $125) every month.

When you pay your $25 every month, you’ll continue to get all the commissions of all the people you referred into the system while you only pay $25.

For example, let’s say you sign up today for $25. Within the next 30 days, you referred some people and you were paid $2400 directly into your PayPal account. Now next month, you would pay your $25 again and get that $2400 again (if not more through internal referrals). If you don’t pay, you don’t get the money from the team you have built up to that point. Make sense?

Even if you sign up 100 people in the first month and then sit back and relax, the money from these 100 referrals will continue to come to you forever. To add to that, the income will continue to grow as your referrals sign up others and you continue to collect from their 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th person after that.

Do you see what a fantastic business this is? Do you see how the empower network really empowers you to make money with minimal involvement in technicalities? In the past, I have made close to a million dollars through selling products online but I still maintain that this system is far better than anything I’ve seen.

All of the money comes to you or your sponsor and none of it goes to the company. You get paid 100% of the money from the referrals and it comes to your account instantly. So if you were to assume this is as some type of scam, it’s just not possible as nobody takes the money except you. It comes directly to you into your PayPal or merchant account.

Within the first month of the empower network starting, over 1.1 million dollars have been paid out in commissions and over 9000 people have joined the network. The word is spreading like crazy and ordinary people like me and you are realizing the opportunity and joining the network. Currently, between 400-500 people are joining every day.

If you are considering joining the network, then don’t delay. One of those 400-500 people who join every day could be signing up under you instead. Maximize the use of your time. After all, what is the worst case scenario if you sign up? A loss of twenty five bucks!

As I mentioned before, I am here to help you when you start. I have training videos all ready and prepared to help you sign up maximum numbers. This is something others can’t offer you. My aim is to help you reach $12,500 per month as quickly as possible and I will help you achieve that goal by guiding you on promotional methods.

This is a type of partnership between you and I as I need you to succeed in order for me to succeed. Without your success, I would have failed in my goal and I really despise failure.

If you like what you have just read and understand that I will be helping you make this work just as it is for me, then you are ready to sign up. Remember, to sign up, you need $25 and you need a PayPal account to receive money if you are outside the US.

Fill out this form, pay your $25 and watch the 8 fast start videos in the members area.

If you really want to see the video that does all the selling for you, you can see it here. This is the video you need to drive people to with your own personal link (which you’ll find in the members area). The video is about 30 minutes long and you can’t stop or forward it but the video has a lot of NLP and effective techniques to make the sale. Trust in the video and just drive people to it.

Contact me by email or skype if you have any questions.







PS: There’s a lot of good you can do with the empower network. I have made a good amount of money from the very first day and I still continue to sign people up every day. There is absolutely no reason you can’t do the same number or more with my help.

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